Herbert Cares, M.D.

Newton Wellesley Hospital Medical Staff Recognition Dinner
November 4th, 2006

Dr. Ronee Skornik and Dr. Ann Dolloff

Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Davidson

Dr. & Mrs. Paul Gauthier, CFO and Mrs. Dan Gross

Dr. Burt Hall and Diane Keeler, Dr. & Mrs. Jim Todd

Drs. & Mrs. Michael Ross and Dennis Feen having a pathologically good time

Karen Cares with Dr. and Mrs. Jim Stewart

An elegant table settings at Pine Brook

Dr. & Mrs. Barry Davidson (35 year honoree) enjoy champagne from a Salamanzar (holding 9 liters, or 12 bottles)

Dr. & Mrs. Bill LoVerme

Dr. & Mrs. Tom Cunningham

Mr. & Mrs. Scott McGrath

Drs. Eugenia and Lenny Marcus

From left: Dr. and Mrs. Mike Lew, Ms. Carol McMullen, and Dr. Eugene Aron -- Presidents of the Medical Staff Incoming and Outgoing.

Dr. & Mrs. Alan Glaser

Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Thayer

Two stellar radiologists -- Joanne Rastegar, Edna Hamilton, and husbands

Dr. & Mrs. Peter Warriner

Dr. & Mrs. Jim Alpers

Drs. Alex Hannenberg, Mike Jellinek, and Mark Belsky

Drs. & Mrs. Mike Ross and Mark Shankman

Dr. Joel Bass with his 25 year honoree Dr. Jeannie Marcus

Photos from the 2005 Dinner

Photos from the 2004 Dinner