Herbert Cares, M.D.

December 3rd, 2005

Dr. and Mrs. Nasir Khan

Dr. Nasir Khan

Dr. Jim Stewart, Linda Stewart, and Dr. Jill Smith

The Violins!

Dr. Darren Rosenberg and Tracy

Dr. Jake Joffe and Elaine Bridge

Dr. Joan Rastegar and Eric Sax enjoy a spirited dance moment

Dr. Peggy Howrigan and her husband, Chuck Collins

Dr. John Larossa and Gretchen

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Friedman

Drs. Mark Belsly and Matthew Leibman

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Rounds

Dr. and Mrs. Rick D'Angelo

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Thayer, President of Medical Staff

Dr. and Mrs. Tommy Biuckians

Drs. Frank Millham and Mike Jellinek share an amusing moment

Drs. Francis and Barbara Rockett

Drs. Mo Reda and Mawya Shocair

Mawya Shocair, Elaine Bridge, and Karen Cares

Dr. Sandy Gilmore

Sandy Gilmore with Dr. Frank Donaldson

Dr. and Mrs Fred Millham with CFO and Mrs. Dan Gross

Julia Sax and Joan Rastegar compare hairdresser notes!

Dr. and Prs Peter Warinner

Dr. Jill Smith presents 30 year award to Dr. Jay Kaufman

Dr. Marc Leibole and Dr. Ralph Hinckley

Dr. Mike Lew presents Dr. Mark Drapkin with the 30 year award

Dr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Burns

Yale and Dr. Kathy Marc

Dori and Joe Gallagher, Karen Cares

Dr. John Larossa gets a few facts from the Waitstaff about Magnums!

Marc Willems getting ready for the after-dinner digestifs!

Drs. Chris and Caroline Block. Caroline Block gave the "keynote address", with musical background from "Sweet Caroline"

Drs. Lori Gomba and Omar El Abd, who by coincidence, became engaged shortly before this evening

Nancy and Dr. Mark Belsky

Photos from the 2004 Dinner