Herbert Cares, M.D.

Newton-Wellesley Hospital Medical Staff Recognition Dinner,
November 6th, 2004

Dr. Ernie Grable congratulates Dr. Ted Spielberg on 35 years at NWH.

Dr. Joel Bass congratulates Dr. Howard King on 40 (!) years at NWH.

Karen Cares shares a hilarious moment with Dr. and Mrs. Ernie Grable on the dance floor.

Dr. and Mrs. Ron Rubin.

Dr. Karen Rednor enjoys a pleasant moment with her husband.

Dr. Tanya Yanovsky.

Dr. Les Selbovitz and Dan Gross enjoy a hilarious moment on the dance floor.

Drs. Reda and Shocair do an inside turn.

Karen Cares shares a champagne moment with Dr. and Mrs. Gallitano.

Dr. and Mrs. John LaRossa -- front of the champagne flutes!

Cecily Grable, Dr. and Mrs. Hubert Caplan.


Dr. and Mrs. Bill LoVerme.

Dr. and Mrs. Tommy Biuckians.

Dr. and Mrs. Solomon Gabbay.

Dr. and Mrs. Mike Ross do a hustle.

Marc Willems (Pine Brook) pours champagne from a Jeroboam (Double Magnum) for Mrs. Joe Ferrucci.

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Friedman enjoy a little rock and roll.

Having a pathologically good time, Dr. and Mrs. Mike Ross, Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Feen.

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Becker.

Dr. and Mrs. Jay Kaufman.

Dr. and Mrs. John O'Brien, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gordon.

Dr. Tim O'Connor receives a recognition gift from Dr. Ted Spielberg

Drs. Ernie Grable, Howie King, and Hu Caplan.

Dr. Hubert Caplan is honored for 35 years at NWH.

Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Lamont, Medical Staff President.